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Our Story

Every community has a beginning, ours started out of a need to support and encourage the women in our lives.

Every woman I have ever met has had a lack of confidence and self-love at some point in her life. It is not a coincidence. We all suffer from it. And that is the reason why Ourseelf exists!

As women, we yearn for the day in which we will look at ourselves in the mirror and love who we are, how we look. We seek to feel confident and comfortable in our bodies. And this desire was transformed into an eagerness to do something.

We believe we should all feel strong, confident, beautiful and at peace with our inner self, so we have created a space for the strong and vulnerable women in our lives. This is a tribute to them!


We created our private chat so you can find someone to talk to, get advice or simply let your thoughts out without judgment! We are always here to hear from you!


Our blog will be a space to find inspiration. We share real stories of strong women and provide you with honest tips and knowledge to guide you in your self-love journey.

Behind our platform

I am a woman, a daughter, a friend. I am an advocate for all women’s rights. I am on a self-love journey, and I want to support you in yours!

Paula Grieco – Ourseelf creator
Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, 
You are the only one you will never leave or lose
To the question of you life
You are the only answer
To the problems of your life, 
You are the only solution. 

Jo Coudert.

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