The start of the journey

I’m not good enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not smart enough. 

At some moment in our lives, we probably have had these thoughts. It is not uncommon that we, as women, think less of ourselves. Since we are young, we come across standards of beauty that are almost impossible to achieve. We are asked to think about everyone else except ourselves. We obsess with the image we see in the mirror. Sometimes we get stuck loving people who are not good for us. We let toxic people in our lives. We feel obligated to do things we don’t like. We get judged. And we judge ourselves.

Every woman I have ever met has had a lack of confidence and self-love at some point in her life. It is not a coincidence. We all suffer from it. And that’s why I have spent a lot of my free time trying to develop a way to help minimize my own lack of confidence.

After many brainstorm sessions, research papers, articles, and documentaries, I realized there is not a specific solution to suddenly develop self-love. There is not one product, one technique, one way that will make us love ourselves immediately. It is a journey, a very personal one, for every woman it will be different. It is not a goal in our calendar, it does not have an end date. It is a journey that we must start and continue every day. A journey of self-respect. A journey of acceptance. A journey of love. We never completely achieve self-love, we work for it every day in our lives. We have to practice it in the decisions we make, in the activities we do, in what we say and in the way we treat ourselves. 

We may not love ourselves fully right now, and that is okay. But we do have to understand where we currently are in our self-love journey in order for us to move forward. We have to start appreciating and accepting our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions. Sometimes it will be easy, sometimes it will be difficult, and that is okay. It is your journey, advance at your own pace. 

Accept, love and own your inner self!

2 thoughts on “The start of the journey”

  1. I’m going to start this journey with you….it’s never too late to learn to love yourself.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you’re giving us

  2. I loved the Self-confidence: strengthen self-steem article. I’m going to follow the tips, especially the one about learning how to say no. You know it is very difficult to me.

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